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I just had my first session with Bec and I feel great. My pain has already lessened and I feel I have way more energy. I can highly recommend  Ayakani Body and Breath.


Due to now being located in different states, I began having online treatments. I created my space with comfortable cushions and crystals, laid down and dialed in so we could see each other. With Bec’s voice guiding me she focused on my areas of tension and pain which I felt as waves and tingling. I was guided into a very deep state of relaxation to allow the healing to take place. These sessions prepared me for hip surgery which gave me techniques to calm my mind and body for a successful surgery outcome. I will be continuing sessions to support my rehabilitation. I have found Bec to be a caring, knowledgeable practitioner who goes above and beyond to give the best experience of healing, relaxation and inner peace.


 I have been seeing Bec weekly now for 4 weeks, re-aligning and re connecting me to me. This of course is just the initial stages and how I am feeling in my body of that I need but we are working towards monthly 'top ups' so to say! I can highly recommend Bec to anyone, definitely get in touch and chat to her at the very least. I can assure you that you will be surprised with this style and outcomes of treatment! Amazing! Thank you Bec!


I went to see Bec 6 weeks after hernia surgery having been told that I could possibly have diastasis recti - which is where your stomach muscles seperate and experiencing quite some back pain. Bec gently released all of the fluid in my body and the tension. I left a new person - pain free and having released any residue from the trauma of having surgery. Her sessions are truly life changing. I will be forever grateful to Bec.


As a healer I have never recommended a therapist without having first experienced a session myself. I have studied Ortho-Bionomy and have been searching for just the right person and I am thrilled to have found Bec! She has an awesome approach and creates a supportive and inclusive space .....a safe space...and knows just how to help you unlock and process life. Thank you Bec, I look forward to our next session.


Bec is such an amazing healer! She holds such a safe and nurturing space and the way that she intuitively guides every single session is so special. I get exactly what I need every time, whether it’s through Breathwork, Ortho-Bionomy, or Womb Healings, the energy shifts that occur within and around me are so perfectly divine! I highly recommend booking a session with Bec, so grateful that I found this beautiful soul. Chantelle

The Fire was magical. Thank you for seeing my soul, sitting round the fire and listening to your wisdom warmed my heart so much


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