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Online Sessions

These Sessions are magical. You know we are made up of "energy" - science has shown us that we are all "matter" - neutrons and proton which cause friction and "vibrate" to be dense or softer "matter".

The softer can be referred to as the Auric Field. 


The intention of working with this field can directly relate to the physical body. After a treatment just working from through the screen, via zoom, you will feel the same amount of affect as you would in person. It rearranges the system through the outer fields. The capacity to sense (feel) or notice is more refined and attuned than we give ourselves credit for.  I explore where the energy wants to go - we are not fixing as therapist - just holding space and noticing. I am fully in a therapeutic and focused presence, I notice what I am naturally drawn too, I allow the energy to connect, being in my own comfort then relaxing the tension within myself.


The session ends by bringing my awareness back to my own energy, then you back to your own. Lastly but not least we integrate the experience by a short summary of what now if different in the body.

Subtle but very profound work.

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