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 Remedial Massage Therapy

Bringing back this ancient revolutionary health magic. Feel more connected and at peace with the world around you. Feel light and breezy amongst the trees and birds as you relax and receive some of Bec's magic. 20% off won't last. Give back to your beautiful body the way the ancients once did as a normal part of life. The were the ones with the wisdom and knowledge - let this be passed to you as you walk down the stairs floating back into life. 

Group Rebirthing Breathwork

These sessions are with limited numbers to make the space safe and held in peace and deep gentle transformation. All are welcome in this space as its always the first time to the mat every time. Fortnightly on Wednesdays and Saturdays. All information.

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For those on a Mission

These sessions are 1 on 1 for 10 weeks and require a commitment to the process of healing. If you are brave and want to journey to the subconscious for profound healing. Rebirthing Breathwork sessions are for deep transformation in a safe environment. Contact me for more information to see if this is a right fit for us both to work together in this way. Invest 5K into your deep, life changing journey.

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