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Hi and Welcome

     "Welcome to AyaKani: Where Healing Begins with Breath"

     Unlock Your Potential. Find Balance. Embrace Transformation.
     Transform Your Life with Yin Breathwork

At AyaKani, we're dedicated to guiding you on a journey of healing, growth, and well-being through the transformative practice of Yin Breathwork. Led by Bec, a compassionate healer with over a decade of experience, our personalized sessions offer a serene and nurturing space for you to reconnect with yourself and the new world.


Experience Personalized Care:

  •  Compassionate Guidance: With intuitive insight and a profound love for the human body, Bec provides personalized guidance to help you achieve your health and wellness objectives.


  • Specialized Techniques: From Yin Breathwork to Ortho-Bionomy and sound healing, Bec's specialized bodywork techniques enable you to explore your inner world, enhance emotional and physical well-being, and attain freedom of movement within your body.

      Discover the Essence of Yin Breathwork:


  • Planting Seeds of Growth: Each Yin Breathwork session is viewed as planting a seed and nurturing its growth—a journey of self-discovery and transformation.


  • Gentle Breathing Techniques: With a focus on gentle and secure circular breathing, Bec guides you through a practice that softens tension, embraces natural tendencies, and fosters a supportive space for growth.

      Join Us on the Path of Wellness:

Experience the profound benefits of Yin Breathwork at AyaKani.

Let Bec's calm and unrestricted approach help you joyfully inhabit your body once more, unlocking your own answers and leading to freedom and peace.

     "Transform Your Life Today with AyaKani and Yin Breathwork."

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