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I'm Bec, and I've devoted many years to working with clients, offering compassionate care to the human body. Leveraging my intuitive gifts, I provide a personalized experience guiding you towards the path of wellness.


Join me in crafting a journey of healing, growth, and well-being through Yin Breathwork at AyaKani. Here, we recognize the significance of breath, movement, and sound as essential for reconnecting with ourselves and the world.


My focus lies in Yin Breathwork, specialized bodywork and sound healing, enabling you to explore your inner world, enhance emotional and physical well-being, and attain freedom of movement within your body.

My commitment is to deliver a serene, unhindered outcome to help you achieve your health and wellness objectives. With a profound love for the human body and a offer for personal growth, I provide techniques deeply rooted in the principles of

Yin Breathwork  Ortho-Bionomy.

Some of these principles include:

  • Viewing a Yin Breathwork session as planting a seed and nurturing its growth.

  • Employing a gentle and secure nose circular breathing technique.

  • Offering kind, careful, and intuitive guidance.

  • Creating a supportive space for growth.

  • Softening tension around a focal point.

  • Accommodating the pattern's natural tendencies.

  • Embracing the philosophy of "less is more."

  • Utilizing non-painful methods to release pain.

  • Remaining detached from anticipated outcomes.

  • Offering tasks for care at home


With a decade of experience, I am here to support your journey of personal growth, helping you understand the intricate relationship between your physical body and emotions. I foster a secure environment for you to explore your inner world and tap into your intuitive gifts.

My calm and unrestricted approach aims to help you joyfully inhabit your body once more, as the wisdom and knowledge lie within. Unlocking your own answers leads to freedom and peace.

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