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A Sacred Remembering to a Gentle and Strong Womanhood.

These 5 sessions work to connect you back into the Energetic Space of the Womb.

Are you sick of, or neglectful of your own cycle? Do you have pain and is there confusion in the emotions that go with your cycle? I have seen women that where on high alert and in stress response to their own natural cycle. Are you one of these women? When you know what is involved in your cycle you cannot unknow it. It brings grounded thoughts and feelings into your body. This has profound affects to

the empowerment of a womans being. 


The first Sessions a beautiful peaceful ceremony is held in a ceremonial space for a1- hour transmission and works with the energetic HARA or Womb Space. 

We ALL have this energetic space within us, and it can carry imprints or blockages that changes the potency of this space. This is very common as it happens to us all. Clarity and creation come from this space and can be diluted if there is unwanted energy or blocks present. The space is set with integrity and clarity for the "Rites" which then are transmitted by Feelings of safety and courage return. It allows passion and creative flow to be at the forefront of life.

You reclaim your sacred power to creation and love. Connecting back to your own personal power.

The second Session goes into depth of how you meet each phase of your cycle. Sitting and receiving knowledge and the wisdom of your cycle. Nothing to fear and just a good ole fashion friendly chit chat about what you can expect and how to bring in and welcome each phase of your cycle. Printed notes of what we go though for you to take home.

Third Session is to touch base on how this has landed and discussing any questions you may have and just a seeing you in your own power again. We talk about Cycling and how it works within the system.

The Fourth Session informs you of Self Pleasure Practices and we recap the cycles again and talk about how you are travelling and what you are experiencing. 

The fifth and final session is back to the start of the cycle for completion and another womb Healing Ceremony to restore energetic centre and fully embody the experience of the last 4 weeks. 

These sessions are open to all ages. As Women we cycle though out our lives here on Earth. These cycles cause pain and suffering if we do not recognize the power they hold.

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